Ry Makes × Color Factory "Live in Color" Pride T-Shirt

Each piece in this "Live in Color" collection features colors and designs by Ry Makes.

Ry is an illustrator and designer currently based in Seattle, WA. They are strategic in their work, often using clean and minimal forms, but is unafraid of bold colors, soft textures, and refreshing compositions. Their style is a perfect example of organic shapes living in a digital world.

We asked Ry a few questions about this design. What does it mean to "Live in Color"? "It means finding your people and seeing how enriching and powerful it is to be surrounded by community. It means living outside of binary structures taught to us and seeing how beautiful life can be when you are able to experiment, play, and find joy in being yourself."

  • Screen Printed
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed by Ry Makes for Color Factory